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Test Blend *unbanded* ST Advisory Board review of the new unbanded test blend

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Default Questionnaire (Unbanded)

Here is the questionnaire for the unbanded cigar.

II. Un-Banded cigar:

1. How would you rate this cigar? (check one)

___ Great __X__Very good _____ Good
_____ Average _____ Not good

2. What did you like about this cigar? (list more than one answer if applicable)

Perfect draw, woody profile

3. What did you not like about this cigar? (list more than one answer if applicable).

A little dry on the palate

4. What other cigar is this most comparable to? (you can name a non-Studio Tobac brand if applicable)

Again it is a unique profile but I would say it was similar to a Cain Habano.

5. Would you recommend this cigar to a friend?

__X__ Yes _____ No

6. If you answered no, why not?

III. Here are some other questions for you to answer:

1) Who would you want to smoke these cigars with. Dead or alive

My good ST buddies at Tampa Humidor (nofeardiver, KJF, guado, Scholle, Horace, Big Johnny, etc.)

2) Where could you picture yourself smoking these cigars? (check all applicable answers)

A) Beach
B) Log cabin
C) Gentleman's club
D) Magic Mike premier

3) You may not always drink beer, but of you do what beer would you drink with these cigars?

umm IBC Root Bear...lol

4) When would be the best time to smoke these cigars?


5) Amongst the Studio Tobac lines, where would these cigars fall in your top 5 if it even makes it to your top 5??

The banded one may be the best Cain I've smoked unless you include unreleased or limited stuff. Then it would be:

Cain F Maduro
Cain F Lancero

6) if you had to describe these cigars as an animal, what animal would it be and why??

The banded one is a flaming golden hawk while the unbanded one is Odinís raven.
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Very nice lol
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Tony, thanks for sharing.
They call me The Mum, Jimmie The Mum
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Mean Joe
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Thanks Tony......nicely done...
adios muchachos
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