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Originally Posted by byrdman33 View Post
The only reason I've been joined at the hip with Sprint for the past 10 yrs is that AT&T service is terrible in my area.
same thing here except it's verizon. Verizon service is flawless here. AT&T was awful when I had it and sprint was worse a few years ago.
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Hey byrdman33, my contract is coming up in Sept and I am going to replace my phone with a smart type phone. How are you liking the Palm now that you have had it for a while?
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Originally Posted by CigarAl View Post
Hey byrdman33, my contract is coming up in Sept and I am going to replace my phone with a smart type phone. How are you liking the Palm now that you have had it for a while?
I happen to be one of the few that like the phone very much. I run everything from the phone including updates to my blog, twitter messages, & of course NUB Live posting. I also like the email syncing. Apps are lagging behind iTunes App Store but the apps that I use are good (just wish I had more of them). The camera takes good pictures and it has a flash. Still waiting on the ability to cut & paste from web documents. Overall if you like Sprint's service this is the phone to have.
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I now have a Pre as well. It's actually a pretty slick phone. I agree, apps are lacking but the SDK hasn't been released that long to apps will be coming soon. I'm sure in time, the apps store will be as full as Apple's.

I've actually moved to managing all email accounts primarily from the Pre. It's easy although there are still a few minor things it lacks like bulk deleting etc. but I'm sure a lot of that will come with age as well.

It's opened my eyes to pocked computing. They do so many things it's unreal.

I have a Touchstone charger and additional Palm charger on the way and will end up with at least 1 more so I can have one mounted in my truck. A lot of aftermarket stuff just won't cut it with the Pre as they do with previous phones. Even Sprint stores misguide customers. The charger needs to meet the specs Palm set so that it can charge properly and while using it so it.

Wifi is great, and automatic. I get home and it finds my wifi and on I go. Saves a lot of battery life, which is easy to kill quickly. Navigation is somehting else that works great. Turn by turn voice with Sptint Nav. and you also have Google which has it's place as well. Talk on the phone, listen to music, surf, manage email and all at the same time if you want. It's slick.

BTW, if you're eligible for an upgrade (end of contract (or 22 months into your contract) call Cust. Care or email, and ask about Customer Loyalty credit. It's $70 per line. Don't ask, but I ended up with it x 3. A Pre and an Exclaim for about $100 out the door, taxes, fees etc. Of course I had to change my plan which increase by about $40/month. The Pre (and Instinct) require an Everything plan.
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