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Open Cigar Talk What's up NUb? Talk about cigars and cigar related issues and news. (not about non-Oliva cigars, there's a thread for that)

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Jimmie The Mum
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Default Podcasts - Cigar & News

I listen to them mainly at the gym. I watch the news while doing cardio as each machine has an individual tv.

But when I do weights and other things I'll go to my IPod and listen to the podcasts that I downloaded.

My first choice is Media Fiasco from a member of Stogie Chat Bill the Maytagman;
If you haven't listened to his podcast, please do. It's the latest wack out news, Bill could find. He of course adds his own take on the news items.
Bill doesn't broadcast weekly so I do have a few others I listen to which are all cigar related.

The main one is Doc Stogie Fresh. This past week in episode 473 titled "Caldwell Blind Man's Bluff", Doc was commenting about people actually do listen to his podcast. At the 5 minute and 40 second mark Doc mentioned my name regarding a picture I sent him about a label which details a lot of information about a cigar.

Here's the podcast in case you are interested:

The second podcast which I think is really cool is Cigar Jukebox by Dave Burck. He's from Australia and Dave pairs cigars with music.
Like I told Dave, instead of listening to my ITune music; I rather listen to Dave, not only do I get updated within the cigar community but also get to listen to a variety of songs and new groups.
Besides his regular podcast he tries to include a weekly 45 rpm request.
Well at the 3 minute and 6 second mark he mentions my name on episode titled; The 1989 Special- The Apollo Dani.


Check them out.

Anyone else listen to podcasts?
They call me The Mum, Jimmie The Mum
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Great stuff Jimmie. Of course I'm tech challenged so I don't have an I anything. Maybe I should update my tech stuff and join the real world. NOT!
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Jimmie The Mum
ST is my life
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: NJ
Posts: 23,741

George, you are just fine the way you are. Thanks for responding...
They call me The Mum, Jimmie The Mum
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