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Default Question

I was listening to a radio program and they talked about a dead period concerning Cuban cigars. They didn't go into detail, just you need to be sure you are past the dead period. Can anyone explain what this dead period is and does it also affect other cigars?
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Any discussion I have ever had about the "dead zone" and cigars may or may not be right, so take it for what its worth. From my understanding and experience is that when a cigar is first rolled, if the tobacco is right, they are stellar within the first X amount of months....this may be 3 - 6 - 9 months, whatever. From there, they may hit a "dead zone" where they may not have much taste, not smoke as well, etc. It then takes a period of aging for them to "turn" so to speak until they are enjoyable again. I have had cigars in my day that have followed that process. I buy a box and smoke lets say 8 of them in the first 7 months. When I smoke that 9th one in month 8, it may not be to my liking, it may have lost the flavor I longed for, etc. I then give it time and revisit at lets say month 15. That is 6 months of a "dead zone" where I didn't touch the cigar, and it needed to just chill out for a bit.

Right or wrong, I haven't a clue.....but that is what I have always thought of a dead period. I am sure the Cuban reference may have to do with the aging of cigar, or something similar where its good for a while, not so good, and then good again. Again, just my feedback and I don't know if its right or wrong, but thought I would throw my 2 cents in the hat.
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when cigars are rolled the tobacco is wet to make the leaves plyable. They are ok to smoke fresh like that. But if left they begin a fermentation process and often times a cigar will taste horrible durring this time. Then when things settle down they taste good again. I can recall a CAO cigar I bought. A remarkable box (I think Jay bought a box at the same time. I had smoked one at an event and like it. Bought my box and it was total crap. Jay on the other hand enjoyed his. A few months later the cigars were incredible.
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Thanks guys. Now what they were saying o the radio makes sense.
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