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Default Forum Reporting

Men (& ladies), form time to time we have gotten a few spammers on the board. You guys are great pointing them out and I am usually swift and thorough removing them but one of the reporting options is flawed and does little to help.
Form time to time I get an e-mail generated by the forum that one of you guys "REPORT VISITOR MESSAGE" In theory this should be all I need, but unfortunately the message I get is worthless. I get an e-mail with all of YOUR info on it. Nothing of what you reported. Typically after reporting a message you guys then delete it. Then I can't even view your messages to see what you may have complained about (I can never view your PMs, we are talking only visitor messages that everyone can see when they look at your profile).
In the future, you may continue to "report" the message, but please PM me with the persons info that left you the spam. This will make it so much easier to purge them.

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Jimmie The Mum
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You got it Skipper!!!
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Mean Joe
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I sent the reports......Rob said he took care of everything and he deleted the posts. Sounds like another flaw with the forum website...can it be fixed?
adios muchachos
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Joe is correct. I took care of the ones that he was reporting last night.
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Thanks for watching out for us guys
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