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Open Cigar Talk What's up NUb? Talk about cigars and cigar related issues and news. (not about non-Oliva cigars, there's a thread for that)

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Default What If

What if you were only allowed to smoke 3 cigars for the rest of your life and nothing else, what would they be? Mine would be

Oliva "V"
A.J. Fernandez's Reconqiista
Ashton VSG
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Cain F FTW!
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Hmmmm that's tough....

Opus X power ranger
Tatuaje black label (any size)
Tatuaje "the Face"

Honorable mention:

Studio Tobac STDS-001
Viaje Exclusivo corona gorda
My Father Le Bijou
Opus X Love Affair
Liga Privada #9 or T52 flying pig
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I'd have to quit. Not enough selection
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Knucklehead Brewmaster
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Oliva Masterblend 3
Cain Daytona 550
Oliva V Robusto

If I had a never ending supply of those, i'd be smoking like a chimney!
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Senior Cain
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AVO XO Maestoso
Melanio Robusto
Daytona Double Toro
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