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Official ST Contests Enjoy the generosity of Studio Tobac and have some fun!

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Win It 2016 OFFICIAL ST Texas Nub'em 7 Gameplay

Game Overview
The game will be played following Texas Holdem rules. I will deal out the pocket cards (the 2 face-down cards). I will PM each person with the pocket cards that they got dealt. Once you receive your cards, then everyone will place their bets- instead of cash, the bids will be made in points. Each player will start with 2,400 points. Once the pre-flop round of betting is done, then I will post the flop. This will continue until the hand is played out and someone wins that pot. There is no limit to the amount that can be bet. You can go all-in at any time.

Time Limits
There will be a 48 hour time limit to bet. Because so many people are busy weekends and holidays, the clock will stop on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Should the clock expire on your turn your hand will be folded and all bets forfeited to the winner of the hand. If you are planning on being away from your computer, then consider sitting out until you return or have someone else fill in for you during your absence. If you opt to sit out, you will still be posting blinds only.

Blinds will begin at 50 points for the small blind and 100 points for the big blind. Blinds will double after each 3rd hand played or when a player drops out. Once the big blind reached 800 points, the doubling will happen only when a player drops out. However after 3 rounds of 800 or higher big blind, an ante will be introduced. The ante will start with 200 points and will increase 50 points every time a player drops out or every 3rd hand.

Betting can be as high as you like, minimum bets are equal to the small blind.

The Booty
Yet to be determined

-The order of play will be decided by the order in which people signed up.
-The #1 player will be chosen at random.

1- CSMAnderson aka George
2- EvilAsh aka Steve
3- jonnysmokes aka Jonny
4- US_Tank aka Daryn
5- BlackLabel aka Adam
6- Rplasphol aka Rick
7- GtsetGo aka Rob

Still one more seat...

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