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George, I concur with everything Jan said. That is borderline at best and this will NOT make you feel poorly. The first thing someone should do for HBP is try diet and exercise. NOT meds. Once you start taking medication you become dependant on them and will likely have to take them for the rest of your life.
And, another note pointed out by Jan, BP is often very variable depending on what and if you ate, what's going on in your head, etc etc etc. Most any doctor will tell you to buy a BP machine and take it for a week or 2 every day to see if there is a pattern WAY before they prescribe meds.
George, please get a second opinion.
By the way, My BP was close to 160 /110 for a few years and only when the doc said we need to look into medication did I take it seriously and with diet and exercise it is now 110 over 60.

good luck George.
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