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On that Cigar of the Month thing, I have been looking at that myself. Talking to other BOTL, I have heard that is pretty good until you want to stop or change your membership at all.

One story; this guy was a member for about a year and maybe a half. He called to cancel his subscription due mostly to moving to a new house. Not only did they not stop his membership and continued to send his cigars to his old address, but several months later he was contacted by a collection agency for the money that was not paid. He said it was a mess and would never recomend it.

Cigars international looks pretty good, they say you'll never get the same cigar twice, but if it is anything like the $20 dollar grab bag they sell, you'll probably be disapointed there as well. I purchased that grab bag 3 times or so, and it was always the same cigars. I think there might have been 2 out of the 10 that were decent.

So far those are the 2 companies that I have delt with online. I have had good experiences with both. I am looking at another site now, called I saw another member talking about it. As far as I can tell, they have a good selection, but typically, the prices are $1 more than what CI offers. Thompson is a bit more expensive, but does have a better selection of sticks in the 1 - 2 dollar range.

I went to a B&M in Kansas City a while ago, The Outlaw Cigar Company. The guy there said they have a cigar of the month thing too, and it sounded good, but will probably be more expensive being a local shop. They have a website, google it! They seem like a pretty good place to do business too.
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