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Nub What are you smoking right now???

(or most recently...)

I didn't see a thread like this so I decided it was time!

Today was such a beautiful day I couldn't resist an hour or two on my little balcony. Plus the wife is out so no griping! I'm still new to cigars so rather than a box or two of the same thing my little humi is still full of singles I buy at my local B&M. I'm starting to discover which ones I like best and believe me NUb makes up 3 of my top 5!

Currently smoking a 358 Connie, 30 minutes in and maybe halfway through. Its a little dry but thats my own fault. I'm trying to get into the habit of inspecting my singles at the shop while picking them out but I was in a hurry and ended up with a bad one. It still tastes great but its burning hotter than normal and the cut was a little rough.

So what are you guys puffin' right now?!
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