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Originally Posted by chrish012 View Post

I was pleasantly surprised by old mans recommendation at the B&M. He was pretty cool, too. Gave us some simple advice that made perfect sense but for some reason we hadn't thought of it yet. Up till now we would just light a cigar and draw on it until it stopped tasting very good (usually around an inch or so, less on some). He said to puff back through it every inch or so to "clear the gases" and that would keep the cigar tasty far longer. Some cigars I put out around two inches, some i can smoke straight to the bone (Connie included).
This is called "purging" the cigar. I tend to do this towards the end of a few different cigars, but I don't normally need to do it Nubs....they are just perfect all the way through most of the time!

While blowing through the cigar, the tar and oils causing the undesired taste will be expelled
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